The moving truck saga continues….

I wrote this on Friday and apparently forgot to hit the publish button—-it’s still relevant, so I’m gonna go ahead and publish it now.  Update, though, the movers are coming tomorrow!

So I just talked to the moving company and found-out that the new estimated date of delivery of our stuff is next Tuesday.  That will make it almost a full 3 weeks of us living in an empty house.  First, we were told it would come last Friday.  Then this weekend.  Now next Tuesday.  The difficulty being that Clay will be at work, and somehow I’m supposed to wrangle Evelyne while movers haul our earthly belongings around the house and I make sure everything checks-out with the manifest and every single box made it.  Oh, and my brother and his family are visiting us the next day.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the little issue called THIS COMPANY IS SCAMMING OUR BRAINS OUT AND CHARGED US DOUBLE THE ESTIMATED AMOUNT AND WE ARE NOW IN DEBT BECAUSE OF IT!

I’m just sayin’….  I miss my couch.


7 responses to “The moving truck saga continues….

  1. Hey Em. Is their anything you can do with the movers? When they gave you an estimate can you use that against them? Why are they charing you more? I’m just curious. I’ve been through several moving companies. The ones from Memphis we used were horrible so I feel your pain. The trashed a bunch of our things and they were throwing stuff around while moving. I ended up complaining to the sales rep. Who did you guys use? Just curious.

    Can’t wait to see you guys in Sept if you are going to be free and up for a visit. You guys are more than welcome to come with us to some of the parks as well. Each are about 3 hours from Kirkland.

    Also, if you are looking for a job anytime soon Univar, where I worked in Memphis, their headquarters is in Kirkland. I would highly recommend the company to you.


  2. I just got updated on your blog. I can’t believe you still don’t have furniture! One day it will be just a distant memory. I promise!

    I was cleaning out bins at LH this morning and saw yours and Clay’s names : ( Missed not seeing your faces!

    Give Evelyne a hug for me!


  3. Emily! You are such a trooper! We had to spend two nights on an air mattress before we got to get our real bed out of the move truck and I was so sore!


  4. Too bad about the moving company. Have you addressed the issue with a third party such as the Attorney General from the state where they do business out of? It sounds like it would be worth it. Don’t bother with the BBB though, they have no ability to do anything. All they do is act as a mediator between you and the company and some BBB’s are practically worthless.


  5. well, technically they have a 21-day window. Tomrorow will be Day 18. When Clay made the deal with the customer service rep. over the phone, she made it sound like the 21 days started when they picked-up our stuff, so we had them pick it up two weeks before we left Memphis so that the end of the 21 days would be the day after we arrived here. Then we were told, oh no, that the 21 days starts the first day we arrive in Seattle. Hmmm, that’s not what we were told, but it sure doesn’t matter. So technically they’re abiding by the contract, the contract just sucks. =(


  6. Hi Emily,

    I found your blog during my research. I work for a moving company, and I found something on that may help:

    “If the mover increases the price you are not required to pay more than 100% of the binding estimate or 110% of the non-binding estimate. The mover is required to bill any additional charges 30 days after delivery of your goods.”

    I’m not sure about the details of your situation and the varying laws that govern Washington, but from this quote you shouldn’t have to pay more than a 10% increase. If you get a second, please check out the website above and consider filing a claim. I’m sorry you had so much trouble! Good luck


  7. unbelievable! praying for you. very soon the moving saga will be over and you will have all your things in place – and a couch to sit on! that’s going to feel so great!


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