Things are looking up

Except for the fact that we STILL don’t have any of our furniture or stuff from the moving company!  We should get it this weekend which would make a full two weeks that we’ve been living with an air mattress as our only piece of furniture.  No big deal, really, the air mattress is really pretty comfortable as long as we remember to re-blow it up before we go to bed so Clay and I don’t end-up in a heap in the middle on top of no air.

Yesterday was revolutionary for us in several ways:

First, we FINALLY got our Internet up and running-thank GOD!  I was getting more used to an unconnected life, but I definitely didn’t like it.  It makes the days so much longer.  Now that I’m back online I have about 350 unread blog posts in my Google Reader and my fingers are itchin’ to start Googling all of my curiosities.

Second, we got digital cable WITH a DVR!!!!  The digital part and the dvr are free for the first six months (we’re standard cable people), and we’re pretty much like kids on Christmas morning because we don’t know what to do with the awesomeness of being able to pause and rewind live tv and actually…RECORD a show that we won’t be able to watch!!!!!  THIS WILL CHANGE OUR LIVES FOREVER.  If we had had this only one day earlier I could’ve recorded the women’s team gymnastics finals instead of falling asleep in the middle of it and totally missing it forever.  I fear that there will be no way we could get rid of it after the first free six months, I know it will revolutionize our tv watching experience forever.

Third, we got a new car!  Actually, a Honda Odyssey minivan…we are officially proud members of the uncool minivan club, and we LOVE it!  We got the most incredible deal and actually got a brand-new 2008 for probably cheaper than we could’ve bought a used one a few years old.  I’ll probably write a small blurb about that later.

Fourth, (maybe this should’ve been first?) Clay has started his new job and I’m back to being the only stay-at-home parent for the first time in about two months.  (He’s been off since the end of June)  His first day he was there for 13 hours.  (He will work four 10-hour shifts a week)  It’s been a bit overwhelming for him as he tries to treat patients after being out of the clinic for three months and as a brand-new graduate, but I know he’ll adjust and do great after the learning curve.

So, I’m back to the blogging world.  I can’t post any pictures of our new place (furniture-less though it may be) since our camera broke on our way out here and we have to send it in to the manufacturer to be fixed.  Gotta love that.  Can’t wait to start communicating a bit more with y’all.

*By the way, can anyone provide me with some random advice?  For the second time in two days I just made a pot of coffee that was full of coffee grounds.  The filter had folded over and let everything through.  Do you know how annoying that is first thing in the morning?  Is it a problem with my new coffeepot (which was one of the cheapest), the filters that came with it, or am I just putting them in weird?  Any ideas?  This better not happen again tomorrow.


11 responses to “Things are looking up

  1. about the coffee- i used to do this to russ and he would still drink it (we were newlyweds) and he didn’t have the heart to tell me how to fix it. we have a college-type 4 cup coffee pot b/c he is the only one who drinks it- and what i do is make sure i mash the little foldy-crinkly sides flat against the sides of the filter holder (creating less chance for the filter to fold when it gets wet) you might need to just get better filters and use the leftover naughty filters to hold snacks for E. that’s what we use the cheapies for! (since you don’t have furniture, etc.) glad you are back online. i’ve been wondering. hey- if you have free long-distance (i do, and could call you back) give me a call on one of those LONG days. i’ve been there- it gets lonely. praying for the adjustment period, and that the furniture arrives this weekend. love you!


  2. glad to have you back online! i’ve missed reading your blogs. i can’t imagine 2 weeks with no tv, no internet, and a toddler! glad you survived! i’ll be praying for your furniture to arrive asap!


  3. yay!!! you’re back!

    i love the order of events in your revolutionary day…internet, cable/dvr, car, then…oh yeah…clay’s job.


  4. welcome back! how does the house look with all the new paint? i bet you can’t wait to get your stuff in it. Keep us posted with funny seattle-isms!


  5. Hey! Robert and I are excited to see the place – furniture or not! Maybe we could do that Mac virtual thingy tonight or this weekend. We talk about you two often and are praying for a great church & friend base.


  6. SOOO glad you are back to blogging! I have missed your entries terribly. Call me soon!

    As far as the coffee filter thing, I have the same problem. In my case, I think I need to go up one size – they are just a little bit too small. I just don’t have the heart to buy a whole new pack when I still have 180 left of these filters! HAH


  7. You sound just like me 4 months ago. i enjoy being away from the net but once i get it back, i am addicted all over again. We just got dvr 4 moths ago for the first time in our lives also and i LOVE it. i dont know if i can go back to living without it, especially during these olympics, lol! welcome back!


  8. you’re back online! hooray! it probably was nice to be unplugged for a bit, but i’ve missed your blogs!

    1. can’t believe you still don’t have furniture. you are a better woman than me. i would probably dedicate a string of blogs to complaining about it.

    2. yay for the odyssey! how exciting! right now it’s my dream car/van.

    3. we just got dvr too, and it is revolutionary!! i can’t even imagine all the ways it’s going to change our life when the fall shows start rolling.

    4. blog more!!!


  9. I had the same thing happen to me when I bought a cheap coffee pot- and the grinds really gross me out! I finally found a solution! Every time I first put the filter in, I wet my fingers with water and press the filter against the wall grooves. The little bit of water from your fingers helps the filter stick to the wall and not flop over. Try it- it works!


  10. Hi, I love your blog. Can’t wait to see pix of your new place. Must be rough moving and all. I know that would stress me out.

    As for the coffee grinds, I had the same problem when I had a really cheap coffee maker. I upgraded — and I’m not talking about anything super-expensive –and all is well again. I don’t know if this might be something you could do? For me, coffee is a MUST, so the extra $20-$30 for a nicer coffee maker is a good investment. If I don’t have a good cup of coffee in the a.m. then I’m not happy … and you know what they say, If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy. So a good investment for all.


  11. Press another filter on top of the one full of coffee to hold everything in and keep it straight.


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