We made it

Well, we’re here.  Good ol’ Kirkland, Washington….my new home.  (or that’s what I’m told anyway) 

Evelyne and I flew-in last Friday to meet Clay who drove-up here last week.  We’re only on Day 4, but it’s been a long few days!  We won’t get our cable/internet hooked-up until the middle of next week, so it’ll be slow to non-existent on the blogging for awhile.  (I’m at a public library, I had to get my fix somehow!) 

So, briefly, here are a few observations about being here:

*We’ve had our heat turned-on for the past 3 days!  Today is warm, but this weekend was pretty cold, usually in the mid-60’s.  Nights were really cold!  We’re not sure if everyone who lives here turns on the heat in August or if it’s just us, but I definitely feel like I just lost 3 months of my life because it feels like a Memphis November! 

*The area is very unlike where we’ve come from.  The trees are different, the houses are different, everything.  It’s all completely unfamiliar.  Which is fine, it just makes it a little hard to wrap my mind around that this is my new home as of now when nothing about it reminds me of the home I’m used to.

*We’re having to readjust our driving habits.  Apparently everyone here likes to drive the speed limit and always yield to pedestrians!  Clay was driving on the freeway the other day with a speed limit of 65 and he said he had this weird feeling when he looked around and noticed that every car was going 65!  Even in the fast lane!  No one was racing ahead and going 80 like they do in Memphis, no swerving and honking, it was just calm and relaxed driving at its best.  So different from home!  Ha! 

There are also a lot more pedestrians here and even pedestrian crossings in the middle of the road.  So, basically, you have to keep your eyes open because you’ll be just driving down the street and all of a sudden people walk out in front of you and expect you to stop!  If this were Memphis, they would be run-over in a heartbeat, but here the cars just come to a dead stop in the middle of the street.  Clay swears he’s gonna hit somebody within the next few months.

*We’re keeping on “neighbor alert” in order to meet some of the people on our cove.  There are a couple who have waved and said hello from a distance, but no real conversations.  For the past two nights after we put Evelyne to bed I’ve sat on the front porch and read a book because the weather was so beautiful.  We got asked last night if we were locked-out.  We were like, “uh, no, just enjoying the fact that we’re not sweating, thanks.” 

All in all, things have been pretty good.  We don’t have any furniture, the moving van should arrive sometime later this week.  (although I’ll believe it when I see it….dang moving company….grr…)  So, we’re living with an air mattress, a pack-n-play, and Ev’s highchair.  I think things will start to feel like home when we actually have some of our belongings in our new house.  I’ve had a few tears and moments of fear and questions, but mostly I would say I’m doing pretty well with the adjustment.  We’ll see how I do next week when Clay goes back to work.  I’m not looking foward to it. 

So that’s it for now, I’m about to be bumped off my library computer.  Oh, and our camera broke on the trip here, so I’ll have to post pictures after we send it off to be fixed.  FUN.   I’ll be back when I can!


6 responses to “We made it

  1. We’re right behind you guys – with moving to a new place. I’m already starting to have some anxiety, although I feel like we’re doing the right thing.

    Just out of curiosity, is Kirkland landscaped at all? I noticed in AK that no one keeps up their yard, and there is not a lot of landscaping around the city itself either. I guess when you have mountains to look at who cares about the grass, but it is kind of nice for things to look cared for. It was just an observation. AK looked very different to me this time around.

    Thinking and praying for you guys!!


  2. so glad you got there safe and sound! i’ve definitely been checking the blog frequently for updates. praying for you guys, and i can’t wait to hear more. i am super jealous of that weather!


  3. I am so glad you made it. Hope the flight wasnt too bad. We move every 6 months so I know what your going through and you can email me any time. But so far your observations are my favorite part of moving. Not so much the food or sight seeing, just how different the way of life is. GL!


  4. Glad to hear that you made it with few hiccups. I know al of what you are feeling since I’ve moved cross country (and back) as well. Had to chuckle about the comments re: you being on your porch. It’s sad but it’s true, porch-sitting doesn’t happen much here. Very, very sad actually.

    Well, my hubby is now deployed and we’re looking to stay busy. If you want a playdate, someone to show you around or anything just let me know. 🙂


  5. I love reading about the little things I had to get adjusted to. Get used to the nice-but-distant neighbors. They’re friendly and polite, but hardly ever accommodating. And yes… Clay will nearly kill at least one pedestrian within his first month (as will you) — just make sure you smile real big, wave, and say ‘sorry’… the pedestrian(s) will forgive and forget quicker than Jesus.


  6. Em –

    So glad you made it. I came across your blog on Tracy’s blog. I hope you guys are still up for visitors when we come out in about 1 month. I’m so excited to see the area. We’re going to be camping the whole time. The weather seems like the weather we have in Berwick. It’s been cold lately.

    I’m at home recovering from surgery so feel free to email me once your furniture arrives. I’m bored all day long. Also, I understand living in a home without furniture. We lived in Berwick without furniture for 1 week as well. I spent the whole time painting the house.


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