Funny thing, blogging.

Just a few observations from looking at my stats page:

*The Google search terms used to find this blog are overwhelmingly about saving money at the grocery store even though I’ve only written a couple of posts on that.  I guess a lot of people need to cut-down on their grocery bill!

*Someone came across this blog last week by searching Google for “baby pee.”  (I guess they found this: Lots of Pee-Pee)

*My top post by a landslide is How I Save Money At the Grocery Store.  

*Another top post that has generated a ton of views is Romans 7: A Normal Christian Experience?  However, this has only received two comments.  It’s always a front-runner in the Google search terms, people are looking for it, hundreds read it…. two comments.  I don’t know if that’s good or really really bad.  

*Other posts that I like much better are about 950 page views behind, like this one: Assuming the Worst About Our Kids?  I really put a lot more thought and energy into this one than the one about groceries.

*My most commented posts tend to be ones that I write off the top of my head with little thought, such as this one about The Bachelorette: So Busy With Such Important Things

*The posts that are MY favorite, the ones that I put my heart and soul into writing, don’t usually get much traffic or comments.  Like this one: Jesus-Shaped Spirituality   

What’s the deal, people, should I stick to writing about groceries or what?


4 responses to “Funny thing, blogging.

  1. NO! i love the thought-provoking stuff, it’s just that i don’t feel that i can comment- i mean, you are just so smart! usually i agree, and don’t comment because you have said what i would have, if i had a moment to think my thoughts!


  2. Don’t stop! I like the theological stuff, too, but I never comment because I’m still reworking some of the things I believe. Lots of your stuff gives me stuff to consider, roll around in my head, etc., etc.


  3. I guess people relate more to the groceries… I would too! The way the economy is everyone wants groceries at a cheaper prize just like everything else… Gas is the most I think… maybe you should write about cheap gas. 😀 … I’m sure everyone is searching for that. :p


  4. I think you should definitely continue blogging like you are. I’ve only just started reading your blogs, but I really like them. Keep up the great work!!


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