Four years and goin’ strong!

Four years ago tonight I married my best friend.  Clay and I had just come off of a two year long-distance dating separation, so we were more than a little anxious to settle down together.  It’s been a great four years. Not incredibly eventful other than having a baby and another on the way, but I guess that’s a good thing.  Surprisingly, marriage was a very easy transition for us.  We never had any of the fights and weird adjustments that most couples have the first year.  For some reason, it all just came very naturally and we felt like we had been doing it forever.  Of course things aren’t quite the picture of perfection now that they were in the beginning, but all in all, I would say that we’re blessed to have one of those relationships where, for the most part, it’s mostly pretty easy.  We get along great, we have fun together, we spend time together, and we are great partners in parenting.  We’re also the perfect roommates.  We have just about the same level of messiness, so rarely does one of us get frustrated at the other for something home-related.   Clay is an amazing dad and an incredible husband.  I honestly don’t know anyone else who would have the never-ending patience to put up with me, but he is very gentle and always ready with a listening ear to a rant or a sob from me.  There have been so many times since we got married that I am amazed that God created someone so perfectly suited for me.  So, Happy Anniversary, Clay, I love you!  

*And he found-out tonight that he passed his physical therapy boards, so he’s an official licensed physical therapist now!  Yay!!!

Laughing at our rehearsal dinner


4 responses to “Four years and goin’ strong!

  1. Happy Anniversary and CONGRATULATIONS, Clay!!! Your wedding was so beautiful–i can not believe it was 4 years ago. seriously?? Love you both much.


  2. Happy Anniversary!! Good to talk to you last night! Robert and I had good time of prayer afterwards – we’ll see where God leads!
    I think we did luck out BIG TIME with our hubbies! Robert also has endless patience with the craziness I bring to the relationship! And he’s looking a lot like more like Clay lately bc of his haircut! When we were first married I noticed the differences between R & C more, but lately I’ve been noticing how amazingly identical they are sometimes!


  3. Congrats and happy anniversary! Its special to find your soul mate!!



  4. Congratulations on four years! And for him passing his boards. Yeah!


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