Crib Recall

Just wanted to let everyone out there know that there’s been a big crib recall by Jardine, a company that makes many cribs sold at Babies ‘R Us and other stores. Apparently the slats can break and cause entrapment.  Evelyne’s crib was one of the ones that was recalled.  I found the model number and date of manufacture underneath one of the sides, saw that it was one of the ones recalled, and sent-in an information form.  I’m not sure what will happen from here on out, but I encourage everyone to check and see if your crib is one of these that are recalled since there’s such a variety of styles that this includes.


5 responses to “Crib Recall

  1. hey! how’s the move going? I tagged you today on my blog! hope you have time to participate.


  2. I know, I saw your tag!!!!! I’m gonna try to do that asap!!!! We’re moving Saturday, we’re kinda trying to pack a few boxes each day. Lots to go, but so far it’s ok… I think. We’ll see Friday night, I guess. =)


  3. Wow, thanks for putting that up! Shea’s (and soon to be Nash’s) crib is one that’s been recalled. I would have had no idea w/o the post!


  4. My 9-month-old daughter also has a Jardine crib that was included in the recall. But we didn’t find out about the recall until she broke one of the slats pulling herself up. Thank goodness someone was with her, and she didn’t hurt herself.

    I have been in touch with Jardine, and have learned that they have NO product registration policy to notify customers about recalls. (As I’m sure you moms are aware, many companies include a product registration card you can fill out if you want to be notified of recalls.) Jardine just puts out a press release — and if you don’t happen to catch the news one week, you don’t know that your baby’s crib is dangerous!

    I’m writing a letter to Jardine, and emails to all the moms I know, that Jardine does not offer a product registration card on ANY of its products — and I’m not buying anything from Jardine until they do.


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