So busy with such important things

Well, Internet, I have not been quite as diligent lately about writing to you because I find myself in quite a state of preoccupation. We are moving-out of our apartment in five days, so we’re finally trying to start some packing.  So far it’s going well, I’m afraid to say it, but quite better than I expected.  Although I must remind myself that it’s the unpacking part that I absolutely detest, packing never so much bothered me.  Now let’s wait and see how much time it takes for me to get annoyed at living among boxes enough to motivate me to unpack when we get to Seattle!  Evelyne loves playing in the boxes and I’ve already found her standing on top of my small stack in the corner saying, “ah! ah!” which means “off! off!” I just came around the corner and there she was, about four feet in the air!

I was also quite busy tonight LOVING THE BACHELORETTE!  Am I the only one who is way into this?  I’ve always loved the Bachelorettes more than the Bachelors, I can’t believe they so rarely do them and it took this long to get another one.  I think there’s something about having a woman in charge and setting the tone that makes it so much more authentic and honest.  Not to mention there’s no annoying cat fights between slutty ambitious girls.  I think DeAnna was totally right to send Graham home tonight.  Honestly, I don’t know what she saw in him.  I LOVE Jesse and LOVE Jason, and I like Jeremy a lot.  Clay and I think she would have a pretty boring life with Jeremy (and I swear, if she doesn’t stop using the word “perfect” to describe him they’re going to have some major relationship issues later on when reality hits!!!), a fun life with Jesse, and a sweet family life with Jason.  I have to say that Clay and I BOTH totally teared-up when Jason and his son reunited tonight, I about cried through the entire scene!  It was just so sweet!  Not to mention the fact that Jason is from Kirkland, WA which is THE town we’re moving to in a month, so if they end-up together, we could totally see them at Trader Joe’s.

I’m off to bed, goodnight, dear Internet.


9 responses to “So busy with such important things

  1. love, love, LOVE jason, and i too teared up when he reunited with his son. how about when he had to say goodbye to him? the whole family was crying! i think i might have a crush on that family. they were so dern sweet and open and sincere.

    the bachelorette beats the bachelor by a landslide.

    (and good riddance graham)


  2. Jason, Jesse and Jeremy? haha–the names of my brother inlaw and brothers. weird! I hope I can watch the bachelorette this year. Glad your packing is going well. We close on our house today!! oh, had much fun with you and Ev on Friday, too.


  3. I thought I was the only one watching this show! So relieved to know there are others…but I must say I slightly disagree with the sentiment thus far. I was very sad (not surprised, but sad) to see Graham go. He should have opened up, but bless his heart, he tried with that letter. I was yelling at the tv, “Open your mouth Graham! Read the letter outloud or something!”. He obviously cared for her – hence the tears at the end – he just lacked the ability to show it appropriately. The other guys lay it on WAY TOO THICK. I’m sorry, but Jason is a bit of a goober! (I did cry when he reunited with his son and said goodbye to him, but he’s just cheesy.)And Jeremy, although seemingly “perfect”, has zero sense of humor. Who wants to have serious conversations all the time? I LOVE Jesse and his parents…just don’t think DeAnna’s all that into him. She basically flat out confessed last night that she may have only REALLY been in love with Graham. I’m imagining a secret rendevous with him after the show is over! 🙂


  4. So I stopped watching after DeAnna’s show because I was so dissapointed in the outocme but now you make me wish that I would have watched this one… it too late to jump in at the end because I just might have to now.


  5. Don’t worry, Sarah and Marjo, you can catch-up and watch every episode of The Bachelorette so far on!!!! They have their most popular shows on streaming video with only a handful of 30-second commercials, so it’s almost better than watching on tv. So go catch-up and you’ll be ready for their exotic overnight dates in the Bahamas next week! =)


  6. I totally agree Emily. I absolutely LOVE the Bachelorette and think it is much better than the Bachelor. I too teared up when Jason met Ty. So absolutely precious. I also got very emotional when he had to say goodbye. It just broke my heart. I can’t imagine adding pregnancy hormones to the mix 🙂 I would be an emotional wreck. haha. Can’t wait for the overnight dates next week. I love Monday night TV! Combine the Bachelorette with Jon and Kate plus 8 and I have a very busy night 🙂



  7. I loved the Trista bachelorette but havnt watched any since. Good Luck on the move, its hard to pack till right before anyways when you have kids.


  8. Oh my gosh, I know, Melody! Unfortunately we don’t have TiVo or anything, so I’ve been missing Jon & Kate. I’m trying to catch-up a little by watching them at 4:oo in the afternoon now that that’s apparently a new time for reruns.


  9. Ok, I started reading this post when you first posted it. I had to stop so you wouldn’t tell the end because I’m so addicted, too! Only I’m also loving Jon and Kate. I don’t have tivo, so I watch the new Jon and Kate on Mondays and the Bachelorette online on Tuesdays. I also agree with the men choices and the fact they should have more Bachelorettes. So sad that next week is a Tell All show. Who cares?? I want to see the dates!


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