Any tips on how to pack-up your life?

So, we’re moving out of our apartment in about a week.  Have I packed ONE thing?  Not so much.  

Part of me is kinda overwhelmed with how to begin, and I think that I’ll just haphazardly throw things in boxes the day before and call it even.  I mean, how hard can it be, really?  Do we really even have to empty our drawers or can we just put them in the moving truck with all the clothes in them?  I dunno, we’ve never done this before.  

We’re going to be moving out of our apartment, putting our stuff in storage, and then moving-in with my parents for a month.  (The most awesome part of that is the fact that we will not be living on the third-floor anymore!!!!)  Originally we were going to leave for Seattle in the second week of July, but we found an amazing house to rent in Seattle that won’t be available until August 1st, so we pushed back our move date by a couple of weeks.  Even though it’s just a few more weeks, I’m excited to spend more time here with friends and family.  (Not to mention it might be nice to live with built-in babysitters for a while!)  

So, any tips on how to begin packing?  Where to begin?!  What supplies do I need besides newspaper, tape, and boxes?  Any ideas on how to avoid breaking everything?  I have a feeling we’re going to be up late doing this the night before…..


9 responses to “Any tips on how to pack-up your life?

  1. i’m packing as we speak!! ugh. it’s a lot harder/more time consuming than you would think. WHERE, i ask, does all this stuff come from?


  2. I’m an expert at packing, sad to say. The winter we became engaged I 1.moved from an apartment with roomie back home to save money before the wedding 2. moved from a job at inner city elementary to my parent’s garage 3. moved my inner city elementary belongings into my new apartment with my soon to be new husband 4. moved my inner city elementary belongings to new job at new school 5. moved my belongings from my parents into new husband’s apartment 6. moved our new married belongings and my old belongings from our apartment into our new home. All in about nine months. Whew! That’s why I’ve been so glad to be here for three years!

    My only advice would be this: As much as you are tempted to throw everything in boxes, DON’T. You may not think you’ll need that thingamajig, but then you will.

    So label everything (within reason) in the box, and pack things up room by room. You’ll feel much more accomplished if you can check off a room at a time. At least teacher-me did.


  3. Emily… you know I love some organized packing. has tips on EVERYTHING.


  4. When we moved, we put all our stuff in a POD, so we wouldn’t have to completely move twice. We lived with my parents for about a week before our new house was ready. I really didn’t want any of my stuff to break, especially knowing that the POD would be shuffled around by those forklifts and stuff. The best thing I did to keep my breakables solid was using stuff I had as cushions to pack. Newspaper only does so well for glass, plates, China, picture frames, etc. I used all of our towels, washcloths, bed sheets, extra pillows, dishtowels, dishrags,(AKA anything soft and already having to move with us) to wrap breakables in and put in boxes as fillers so stuff wouldn’t move around! Also, for stuff that is completely impossible to break, I used trash bags, so I could wedge them between furniture and boxes to keep things from rolling around when it was on the move!


  5. I’ve already moved three times this year. The first was the hardest.

    I wanted to travel light so I sold what I could, and left a bunch of things in a giveaway pile in the laundry room.

    Getting rid of things makes the move easier. But be careful, there may be some regret down the road.

    For everything else, decide what you can live without until you move, and pack it up. If you do one box a day you can save yourself from the hardship of doing it all at once. Don’t underestimate how difficult it will be if you pack everything at the last minute.

    The stuff you need day to day will probably be enough work to wear you out before you hit the road.

    If you have a bike, bring it – especially if your new home is near the Burke-Gilman trail.

    I hope you’ll enjoy our fair city.


  6. Liquor stores always have nice boxes for packing glasses and breakables. So do grocery stores – they usually give them to you for free.

    I always wait until the last minute to pack up- I did the same thing in college. It’s too depressing to me to walk around an empty house, so I’d rather leave everything as-is then move last minute.


  7. Great advice so far. The only thing I can really add is that storage rooms can get really dusty. You may not want to leave things out in the open (clothes in drawers) unless you want them covered in a couple layers of dust. Let me know if I can help!


  8. I’m so excited you found a great house to rent! And I can’t believe you’re moving so soon! You will love this month with your parents. It is going to be a great time for you all to spend close together.

    As for moving, I would encourage you to bite the bullet and spend money on good boxes and packing supplies. Leland and I probably ended up spending about $150 on boxes (we ended up needing more than we originally thought) and bubble wrap and tape. The boxes held together incredibly and the bubble wrap literally prevented us from breaking anything on the way here. I wrapped everything that was remotely breakable – most kitchen stuff, pictures, glass objects. We got a few really large boxes that we threw all the miscellaneous objects in – great for Charlotte’s room and extra kitchen objects. They also sell special boxes for hanging clothes that make packing dresses/suits really easy. Go to storage USA or a similar place. You won’t regret it!


  9. We move every 6 months but we dont move furniture, we have furnished apartments. I think you have some great tips posted above, but mainly get rid of what you dont need and pack one suitcase for each person. You will be amazed after one month who much of the stuff you really dont miss and end up not really needing. Gl!


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