Still here.

I’m still here, just haven’t been blogging much lately.  Monday morning we celebrated the birth of my beautiful niece, Andrea Macie, and since then everything has been crazy.  The baby has had to be in the NICU due to fluid in her lungs, and my sister-in-law also had to be transferred to the ICU today because of issues with her heartrate and blood pressure.  Unfortunately, mom and baby have been separated almost since birth, so it’s been a hard thing for my sister-in-law and everyone else.

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the hospital, and let’s just say once and for all that a hospital is NOT the most fun place for a toddler with a lot of energy!  Thankfully, Evelyne has her cousin to play with (the cousin whose picture she carries with her all day long, kissing and rocking it), but still, two toddlers with nothing to do and nowhere to do it isn’t the easiest thing.  Ev has made a lot of friends since she says “hey!!!” to every SINGLE person we pass when we walk down the hall of the hospital!  She’s been so funny and outgoing lately, it’s hilarious.  

Tonight we took her out to dinner with a bunch of my extended family and she spent most of the time running around the table, dancing for the restaurant employees, and squealing at a high decibel out of sheer excitement to be alive.  It was cute.  

On another funny note, I keep forgetting I’m pregnant.  I mean, I’m aware of it in that I limit my caffeine intake and my stomach feels weird and hungry a lot of the time.  But other than that, it’s been a GREAT first trimester, I haven’t been sick, and I keep forgetting I’m even pregnant.  Unfortunately, this means that there are lots of close friends and family that we forget to even tell that we’re pregnant because we keep forgetting ourselves!  I can’t tell you how many conversations we’ve had lately where I say, “You do know I’m pregnant, right?”  They say, “NO!  What?!  You’re pregnant?!”  And I’m all, “Oh, yeah, I guess we forgot to tell everyone!  Sorry! Don’t take it personally!”  The other day someone congratulated me, and I stood there looking at her for the longest time before she said, “You are pregnant, right?”  Then I was like, “Oh YEAH!  I didn’t know why you were congratulating me!”   

I did get an ultrasound last weekend, and it was SO great to see my little kumquat squirming around. (Supposedly, at 10 weeks, the baby is the size of a kumquat, whatever that is.)  The first ultrasound I had was just a month ago and it was just a blob with a heartbeat.  Now it has arms and legs and fingers and other than a slightly alien-like head, it looks like a baby—in just four weeks!   

Anyway, so that’s me right now.  Pray for my sister-in-law and my niece…  They’ll both be fine, it’s nothing desperately serious, it’s just a difficult situation that wasn’t expected and she’s dying to hold her little girl.  


7 responses to “Still here.

  1. a kumquat is a little veg/fruit (?) that is orange and about the size or a little larger than a cherry tomato. My sister in law once brought them over as a snack during a U of M basketball game…we were like…ok…yum?
    Sorry to hear about Jen! That’s scary and sad for her to not be able to hold her new baby. Keep me posted.


  2. Thanks for the info, Marj. It’s actually Krista in the hospital, and this morning we got more info. that’s much more serious about her condition. Ugh. Prayers for her!!!


  3. Hey Em – I’ve been praying for Krista as well…keep me posted. Also – I’d like to comment on your blog to make you feel a little better. I forgot I was pregant ALL THE TIME during my first trimester. Even now I still have to remind myself every now and then. I almost wished for morning sickness just so I could really “feel” pregnant – but then I came to my senses! 🙂


  4. oh, well i forgot Krista was pregnant. I’m so sorry to hear she has worsened. Yes, we will pray.


  5. oh dear. how are the new mama and baby? out of NICU yet? we’ve been on vacation and i haven’t checked. it is so hard to not be able to hold your baby- fortunately for me, i was able to get up and go to my NICU babes- praying for healing and that they will be headed home soon.


  6. ok – and you two forgetting you are pregnant! UGH. i had to remind myself i had to get off the floor of the bathroom to take care of my other sweet ones. be thankful. and enjoy the kumquat.


  7. Thank God, Krista and the baby both went home at the end of last week. Everything’s great with both of them!!!!!


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