Elmo lovin’

Evelyne is officially watching Elmo on Sesame Street for the first time right now.  She’s laughing and pointing to the screen and saying  “Ah-bo” like she can’t believe that it’s really him!  Amazingly, this is the most she’s ever interacted with the tv, it’s hilarious!


6 responses to “Elmo lovin’

  1. That’s so sweet!! You need to get a picture!


  2. Charlotte is quite into TV already. I’m so ashamed! She too loves Elmo, but she really loves talk shows the most. Every time the audience claps, she claps. She thinks it’s a game. It’s very entertaining.


  3. haha. that’s adorable. do you remember that we had a “tickle me elmo” or some other laughing animal in our dorm room that would crack us up? Ev would have fit RIGHT in!!


  4. Oh I remember that animal!!!
    Ev claps with tv shows, too, this morning she was digging the audience on the View. She also laughs really hard when people laugh on tv….I watch Friends every day at 5 and she’s usually sitting in her high chair eating dinner… someone will make a joke and she’ll laugh right along with the studio audience as if she gets it, it’s hilarious!


  5. we just got Charlie the dvd “Elmo Goes Potty”. you have to see it.. its hilarious. she will love it.


  6. Bry promised that his kids would not watch Elmo. Yeah right! All of mine love Elmo. And yes, you have to watch Elmo goes potty. Too funny and quite educational. hehe.


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