Fairytale Nightmare

I feel like a princess trapped in a castle…on the third-floor of an apartment building castle, that is.  Trapped by my own fear of venturing into the sweltering heat that awaits me downstairs.  Trapped by my lack of energy and desire to make the effort it requires to actually get myself and Evelyne down the stairs and in the car and off somewhere fun else.  Maybe my hair will grow and I can let it down over the balcony and Ev can shimmy down.  That would just be so much easier.  


4 responses to “Fairytale Nightmare

  1. This week it’s raining in Western Washington. Soon you will be trading actual sun for what we like to call “liquid sun”. Neither are the best for sending kids out to play in. 🙂


  2. Greaaaattttt……..


  3. You should take Ev to the little water park at Johnson. Or go to the pool! That way you’re staying cool and doing a fun activity together. OR – you could get one of those “fireman poles” installed in your apartment that you could just slide down and instantly be outside without troubling with the stairs. Just don’t pull a Bridget Jones. 🙂


  4. I don’t mean to be discouraging. Luckily, it’s no harder to find an indoor place to hang out here than it probably is to find a place with A/C to hang out in there.


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