Barely a month to go

I haven’t written much here about one of the biggest changes that we are about to make—in July, just a little over a month, we are moving from Memphis to Seattle.  Clay found an amazing job as a physical therapist out there, and he’s going to have the opportunity to pursue a fellowship in his specialization that he couldn’t do if we stayed here.  I’ve never been to Seattle.  The first time I’ll see it will be when I’m flying-in to stay.  This is something we’ve talked about doing for about a year now.  There have been lots of conversations, tears, research, and planning put into this.  But now that we’re so close, I’m starting to get nervous.

I don’t know anyone in Seattle.  Thankfully, we have an idea of where we’d like to go to church when we get there, but of course that’s not a sure thing yet.  I’m a pregnant stay-at-home mom, and Clay is going to be working four 10-hour days Monday through Thursday.  I’m nervous about what it’s going to be like to be cooped-up at home in an unfamiliar place.  I’m not one of those people who gets really excited about finding my way around a new place and exploring all the fun opportunities.  Or rather, it’s hard for me to be self-motivated about things like that.  (And I have no sense of direction, so I’m sure I’ll get lost anytime I try to be adventurous and discover my new city!)  I’m kinda introverted, so depending on the situation it can be a big step out of my comfort zone to have to meet new people….especially when those new people will have to be my new best friends.   I struggled with postpartum depression after Evelyne was born and had a really rough few months in the beginning.  I’m really nervous that the same thing will happen with this new baby, although I won’t have family to lean-on.  Hopefully we’ll have friends by that point, but who knows?  (although I told Clay that if I need to, I’ll go on medication so fast it’ll make his head spin, so at least I’ll have that going for me!) 

Right now we’re looking around at everything we’re leaving behind and asking ourselves if this is really the best thing.  We’re leaving all of our family that we’re very close to.  We’re leaving dear friends with whose lives we are closely intertwined.  We are leaving probably the best church we’ve ever been a part of… one whose potential is staggering to me.  We are leaving behind precious nieces and our friends’ children who we wish Evelyne could grow-up with.  She’s just now starting to know their names and ask for them and hug them when she sees them.  It’s hard to think that we’re taking her away from a childhood surrounded by family and friends who are like family.  

And we’re moving toward…….?  A really amazing career opportunity for Clay.  One that puts him several years ahead of where he would be if we didn’t go.  A beautiful area of the country.  Mountains.  Rain.  Potential for a major life change.  I pray we’re moving toward new friends who will be like family.  The future is wide open and pretty scary.  

I’m reminded a lot of how I felt six years ago before moving to California by myself for school.  I was scared and didn’t know a soul and really wasn’t even sure if I was doing the right thing.  I had no idea why I was there or what brought me.  But the time I was out there were two of the best years of my life that radically transformed who I am.  I can’t imagine who I would be without the friendships and learning opportunities and even the homesickness and confusion that I experienced there.  So right now I’m trying to remind myself that Seattle has the potential to be an even bigger experience that will change my life for the better and take us as a family to new depths and challenging places.  

Clay and his dad start the cross-country drive on July 6th, and I fly-out with Ev on July 11th.  I’ll update on our progress until then.  I pray God gives us courage.


“So I settled here, and that is that, for You to show me who I am.  You had to take me to a place I’d never been.  And all the things I dreaded most about the things unseen have now become the sweetest part of me.”



8 responses to “Barely a month to go

  1. I totally know what you are feeling. My hubby and I moved across country six months after we got married. I left everything and everyone I knew for the unknown. I’m an hour south of where you are moving to but, honestly, if you need anything I’m here. E-mail or comment on my blog and I’ll do what I can to make your move less stressful. God bless!

    p.s. if you enjoy Cracker Barrel better fill up before you leave, we don’t have them here. But we do have the Brown Bag Cafe in Kirkland – it rocks!


  2. If you don’t have friends in Seattle yet, you WILL definitely have support through Postpartum Support International of Washington. If you have had PPD before, then it will be important to have a support group around you to be there for you should you experience it again. Their website is at


  3. Hi…I am a friend of Krista’s. She introduced me to your blog because I am really focusing on my “Mothering Skills”…and you have a lot of great things to say about it. And because I have also heard about you for the last I don’t know how many I lived in Tacoma for 3 years…..and I LOVED it. You are moving at the perfect time too. Late June to early Sep..I think that area of WA is the most beautiful place in the world. By the time it hits overcast season you should already be in love with it…lol. I don’t know what area you are moving too but I have some friends who attend a great church…actually I know of a couple if you are still looking once you get there. You are brave and in our prayers. 🙂
    Sarah B.


  4. oh my sweet friend. i know! you’re normal to be scared and aprehensive. when russ and i moved to beaumont (beau-what?) it was so scary- we had one weekend to find an apartment before we got married and then-boom. we were in the middle of what must be the earth’s armpit (it is SO stinkin’hot and humid that you feel like you’re swimming outside in the air) but… seven years later (7? my gracious) i. love. it. here. it’s still hot- and i admit i was so very lonely at first. but we found family here. church family. and i’m not kidding- they are as close, or closer in some ways- than our own family. they have been there through all three kids births, the miscarriages, the struggles, and the joys of our time here in tx. it is another country, like they say. and i know seattle will be different as well. i am here. i am praying, sister-friend. you and clay will grow closer than you ever thought. i wouldn’t trade our time here for anything. even if it is a 9 hour drive “home”- it will be good. hard. and you will grow- closer to each other and to the Lord. enjoy the time here. i have free long distance. i’m only a call away.


  5. Julie–I LOVE Cracker Barrel!!! What will I do without it?!
    Sarah– It’s good to hear from you, Krista told me you were reading, and I’ve heard SO much about you, it’s good to finally connect with you! =)
    Laura– It’s always comforting to hear stories from other people’s experiences, I know it’ll be hard, but I hope I can say the same thing 7 years from now. =)


  6. I feel your pain. We’re probably moving back to MS this summer, and although the reason is to be closer to family, it’s going to be a hard move. We’ve been in ATL 5 years and have so many wonderful friends and memories here. But just think – when we moved here 5 years ago our only friends were my grandparent and their 80 year old buddies! We’ve come a long way since then.

    I’ve struggled and struggled with the decision to move back or not, but bottom line my family is not nearly as willing to travel or come see us as yours is, so if we really want our kids to have a relationship with them we have to move. And 3 years ago that thought made me very bitter, but now I’m okay with it. Of course if I had my way I’d move up to Boston or somewhere fun and cold like that, but then would never see my family, and it just would’t be worth it. But you know your families will be up visiting all the time, even if just to see Ev:), so that will make it so much easier.

    Can’t wait to hear about your fun and exciting life in WA. You know I’ll always be an eskimo at heart!


  7. I am so behind on my blog-reading, so this is a late comment, but I just wanted to say that I’m excited to see what the Lord has for you guys in WA! Your apprehension is totally normal and expected. It’s going to be tough for a while, but I do believe you guys have been led to this wonderful opportunity and good things are to come! You may not have real life friends at first, but you’ll still have the blog world! Just write about it!


  8. Chelsea and I are excited to help you guys out in any way that we can.

    I moved out to Seattle in September 2006 with no job, no car, no friends, no church, and a house full of people I’ve never met. Flash forward to June 2008: great job, new car, great church, wonderful people, incredible city, and I’m engaged to the love of my life.

    God will.


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