So, things have been good lately, not too much going-on.  Clay was off all last week, so we got lots of fun time as a family together.  We took walks, we went grocery shopping together, we went out to breakfast, and we saw two movies.  It was great!  Probably the best part is that he was around to help me with Evelyne now that the debilitating tiredness that comes with pregnancy has totally hit me.  I don’t remember being this tired when I was pregnant with Ev, but nowadays about an hour or two after I wake-up in the morning, I’m about to fall over because I’m so tired and ready for a nap!  There were definitely a couple of days last week when I took two naps a day!  Whenever Clay’s home, we take turns getting-up with Evelyne and letting the other one sleep-in, so it’s been wonderful getting extra sleep! 

Here are some high points of the week:

*We saw Prince Caspian!  I loved it.  I haven’t read the book, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I really liked it and thought it was better than the first movie.

*We saw Indiana Jones!  OK, first I have to say that the Indiana Jones movies are so closely tied to memories of my childhood that I they’d have to really screw this one up for me not to enjoy it.  I definitely went-in with realistic expectations, and I thought it was a fun movie.  Definitely very unrealistic, several cheesey moments, not the best Indy movie, but for what it was, I liked it.  Something about seeing Harrison Ford’s little side-grin while wearing the brown fedora made me feel like I was 9 again, I loved it!  

*Clay, Evelyne, and I ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel one morning which is something way out of the ordinary for us.  We don’t eat-out much in general, much less breakfast, and even when we do we try to avoid taking Evelyne since it’s just not as much fun trying to keep her happy.  But even though she wasn’t all about sitting still and we had to take turns walking her around the gift shop, it was fun to have a family breakfast with just the three of us at one of my favorite places. 

*We saw a Redbird’s game (Memphis’ minor league baseball team) with lots of friends and family on Saturday night.  We sat on the grassy bluff, Evelyne played with all the kids and had a ball.  The weather was awesome, Evelyne was in a great mood, and it was a pretty perfect night. 

*We Netflixed an awesome movie called Into the Wild.  It’s about a guy who, immediately after graduating college, rejects society and goes to live in the wilderness.  He tramps around the U.S. making random friends and eventually heads into the Alaska wilderness to live by himself.  It’s based-on a true story, and he was inspired by writers like Walden and Frost, so there’s a poetic narraration of his journey.  It was a great movie, and Clay’s totally inspired to be a wilderness man, he’s already researching how to built fires!

*We had a great dinner last night with my family and Clay’s family to celebrate Clay’s graduation.  (He graduates this Friday from physical therapy school.)  It was so fun to have both of our families together and watch Evelyne enjoy both of her cousins.  Clay was given a joint present by both families—a new computer!  We are finally joining the sleek and sophisticated world of Apple, much to our families’ joy.  Our laptop is on its last breath, it’ll probably die any day now, so we’re SO excited about getting a new one!  Our parents mainly wanted to do it so we could use iChat when we move to Seattle and they can see Evelyne, so they said it’s partly a selfish gift—we’ll take it! 

Clay has to go to class today, tomorrow, and Thursday, and then after that he’s DONE!!!!  He studies for boards, takes those sometime in June, we move, and he starts work July 22nd.  Other than studying, he’ll be home for about a month and a half, and I’m SO EXCITED!!!!! 




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