American Idol—it’s over, thank God!

Well, congratulations, David Cook.  I was rootin’ for ya. 

I just feel really over all this, although I am happy that he won.  Other than the fact that it would’ve been kinda nice for him to be signed by someone other than the AI machine who will probably restrict his creativity.  Oh well.  Maybe this will leave David A. free to pursue singing at Disney World or something. 

It was a great show, though.  I have to admit I kinda gasped, “Bryan Adams!!!!!” like a 13 year-old girl when they announced his name!

What was up with Amanda Overmeyer looking wretchedly uncomfortable the entire time and not even cracking a smile? 

And I guess that was David C.’s mom that magically appeared on his shoulder at the end after he won?  Her head just popped-up and it was kinda weird. 

Yay. Whoo-hoo.  Hip-hip-hurray!



2 responses to “American Idol—it’s over, thank God!

  1. no, what was up with george michael’s weird performance that was the total downer of the show and lasted for like, 10 minutes?? i thought he would come out and sing “father figure” with david a. that would’ve been his dream come true. can’t you just picture it? “put your tiny hand in mine….” ewww!


  2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Ryan Seacrest’s strange attempt at breakdancing! That was hilarious. And, like you, I screamed “Bryan Adams!” when he came out. Then I was disappointed at how old he looked. Has it been that long since he won our hearts with “Everything I do, I do it for you”? I was happy that David C. won – but did you catch the belly shot at the very end? Horrible! I guess his shirt somehow came unbuttoned and untucked and he flashed his bellybutton to the crowd at the end. It definitely took me out of the moment.


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