We have a heartbeat!

So I went to the doctor today, got a six-week ultrasound, and saw the heartbeat!  My little bean is .6 centimeters with a heartrate of 113.  SO tiny!  My appointment was for this morning at 10, so Clay, Evelyne, and I show-up all excited just to learn that apparently I made the appointment at the wrong office location and my doctor was halfway across town.  Thankfully, they were able to work us in two hours later, so we got some Chick-fil-A, dropped Ev off at home where my grandmother was going to watch her, and Clay and I headed back to the doctor. 

It was kinda weird to be back there, honestly.  Good weird, just weird.  Like, didn’t I just do this?  I love my doctor, she’s so sweet and really takes time with me and always asks me a million times if I have any more questions, and I always just smile and shrug and say, “I don’t think so…?!”  The ultrasound technician was apparently in a big hurry because we were in and out of there in about five minutes, but we saw what we needed.  At one point I thought she said, “There’s not a baby in there,” so I said, “Did you just say there’s not a baby in there?”  She looked at me, raised her voice about a million decibels and said, “NO, I SAID THERE’S WHAT YOU HAVE OF A BABY IN THERE!!!!!!!!!”  I was all, geez, don’t yell at me, I just thought you said my womb was empty, I wasn’t giving a personal insult!  Clay thought it was weird, too. 

Anyway, so I’m six weeks and three days along, my official due date is January 9th.  (I was kinda hoping for the 10th since I like the number 10 a lot more than I like the number 9, but oh well.)  I’ve had a bit more of an uneasy stomach the past couple of mornings…nothing major, just a tad bit of yuck.  And I’m still waking every hour during the night to throw-off the covers and fan my sweaty body with them.  Other than that, I’m good so far!


8 responses to “We have a heartbeat!

  1. i’ve had some rude ultrasound techs before too- i mean, what is it? they get to look at babies all day- (and deal with crazy pregnant women!) i’d love that job. her phrasing was way off- that’s not how you start a sentence about someone’s unborn child! wonderful that you have a heartbeat- that was always a relief to me.- hang in there with the yucky feelings. and try not to drive and cry at the same time.


  2. How very exciting! Congrats Emily!! I’m 20 weeks now and haven’t really stopped throwing up (well I did for 3 weeks) so I’m super excited that you are having an ok time! Good luck! 🙂


  3. Keren, I didn’t even know you were pregnant!!! Congratulations!!!!


  4. any motherly instincts on if Ev’s getting a brother or a sister?


  5. Haha, not yet! =)


  6. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! A heartbeat! That’s the best sound in the world by far. Congrats! P.S. – unrelated to this post – I am anxiously awaiting your take on American Idol last night.


  7. Yeah…Emmytdra! So excited about the heartbeat. That was such an amazing thing for us when we saw and heard it for the first time. So happy for you guys!


  8. How very Monk of you to favor the number 10. It really is one of the best numbers. Congrats on the baby.

    Sorry about the tech. My first pregnancy the doctor that I saw first told me not to worry about doing x-rays at work because if something went wrong my body would just expull the fetus. Great. Thanks. I find that so reassuring.


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