My first psycho-pregnant-woman moment

It happened, and I’m officially crazy and hormonal. 

Saturday morning I started feeling slightly nauseated.  We had to go somewhere, so I told Clay I should drive because I’ll just get sick again if he drives. (he’s not a fan of gentle braking and accelerating)  So we’re driving, I’m feeling great, and he makes some joke that I find hilarious.  I start laughing really, really hard.  When I laugh hard, I have a tendency to cry a little…just a little eye-watering, nothing major.  So started tearing-up a bit.  Then, next thing I know, I seamlessly transitioned from laughing into sobbing.   Without realizing how or why, there I am driving down the road crying my eyes out and not being a very safe driver.  Clay started getting really worried about my driving and made me pull-over so I could get ahold of myself!

This happened several times when I was pregnant with Ev, one minute I’d be laughing hysterically, the next I’d be crying hysterically.  Nothing was wrong, I wasn’t upset about anything, nothing was bothering me…it was just crazy hormones that made me cry hard for about 10 minutes!  It’s the weirdest thing to sob your eyes out when you can’t think of a thing that’s bothering you. 


3 responses to “My first psycho-pregnant-woman moment

  1. HAHAHA!!! THAT is hilarious!!! I’m seriously laughing out loud. 🙂 I can so picture you doing that and clay getting really concerned and making you pull over! HA!!! love it!!!


  2. Too funny! I’m laughing out loud too! I almost started crying just reading your post. I guess I still have the crazy hormones from recently having a baby! Too funny though!


  3. My son and his girlfriend are expecting there 1st child in Dec. since wshe has been pg she is 100% psyco. she picks fights about his friendws coming over (no they dont live together) she blows up about every little thing. she threatened him with abortion then threatened to put the baby up for adoption. my son is on the verge of a nervous break down. She will say shes going to stay away for a few weeks then pops in in the wee hours of t he morning and starts something. its like she enjoys destroying him. she ask me for advice then tells me to but out. I try to stay neutral but when you see your son losing self esteem and losing the will to even live its really hard. she knows exactly how he feels because he has told her and she sees it. she will hit hiand he 1wont hit her so walls doors and other things in the house has been broke because he takes his angry outon them. help what can bedone besides having 1 or both of them about ready to committ myself.


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