Luvs Diaper Sale at Target!

Just wanted to let y’all know that Target is having a sale on Luvs diaper this week—in addition to offering a $1.50 printable coupon.  here is where you can print-off the coupons.  This Target coupon generator lets you print-off as many as you like.  No kidding.  (When there was a Gerber baby food sale I printed-off about 150!) 

One Family Pack box is normally $15.99

This week it’s on sale for $13.99

Plus a $1.50 coupon

Total spent: $12.50 

(I know for size 3 that’s 92 diapers and size 4 it’s 78)  When this sale comes around, I normally print-off several coupons and buy four or five boxes to stock me until the next time the coupon and sale come out together.  I highly reccomend Luvs, especially if you’re used to using Pampers Baby Dry.  They’re definitely cheaper and I can hardly tell a difference between them.  Now would be a great opportunity to try a box! 


5 responses to “Luvs Diaper Sale at Target!

  1. Jennifer Gill

    Hey Emily

    I am trying to print off this coupon but I can’t get it to work. After I click on the coupon & enter the number I want printed it just takes me to a blank screen and no matter how long I wait it will not load. Any suggestions?


  2. Hmmm, I don’t know. It may be your computer, I’ve never had that problem. You can also find the same coupon generator at Click on Coupon Resources and choose Coupon Generator from the drop-down menu. It’s the same thing but you don’t see the pictures of the coupons, just a list. Good luck!!!!


  3. Jennifer Gill

    Thanks! That worked!


  4. That’s great deal at .13 a diaper. I used LUVs in the beginning. If you go to the LUVS site you might can get another $2 off coupon mailed or sent e-mail. I think I have one at home which would make it about .11 a diaper. I’m all about diaper savings.
    Also – if you have a local Dollar General Market they carry LUVS cheap.


  5. Sadly, our Target will no longer take those web coupons. The lady at the register told me that because people had been duplicating and copying those web coupons (which it says not to do on the coupon), they were ending the program. There was a sign up at the register.


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