Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Evelyne decided that for Mother’s Day she would give me the gift of her presence.  All day long.  As in NO NAP.  We tried several, several times.  But oh well.  We had a great lunch with my family and dinner with Clay’s family.  We love our moms and are so thankful for everything they are in our lives and we’re definitely going to miss them like crazy when we move!!!!!  (I think they’ll miss Evelyne more than us!)  Ev got to play with both of her cousins today, and the adults were completely entertained watching them talk jibberish to each other and run around just being totally adorable together. 

It’s kinda weird to think that this Mother’s Day I’m celebrating being a mom to TWO little lives!  When did I get to this point?! 


One response to “Happy Mother’s Day to me!

  1. Hi Emily- I felt the same way yesterday…when did I become a mommy? And to TWO? It’s such a surreal…and lovely experience.

    Happy Mothers Day!


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