American Idol Finalists: A very very brief recap

So here’s my not-quite-weekly recap of American Idol.

David Cook- His first song was good.  His second song was much better.  I liked it, but why was it so short?  It felt like it cut-off just when it should’ve started building.  He’s already such a professional.

Syesha- I loved the first performance, she did a good Tina.  She was pitchy at times, but I loved the personality and dancing!  The second song was fantastic.  I LOVED the dress!!!

Jason- During the first song I had to close my eyes to see if I could actually like his voice without watching his dreadlocks bouncing around.  The jury is still out.  The second song was yuck.  GO HOME.

David Archuletta- Both performances were awesome.  I still can’t get excited about him.  His eyes, though not entirely closed, need to stay more open…and I’m getting a little tired of his blushing incredulity everytime he receives a compliment.  You’re good.  Get used to it. 

Final words: Jason needs to go home…badly. Syesha will probably be next, and let’s pray David Cook wins the final competition or we’ll all be subjected to David A.’s closed eyes as he sings…uh…what in the world would he sing if he won?  He’s good, but I don’t want to hear him on my radio.  Give Disney a call, David A., Miley Cyrus is having some publicity problems, maybe you can scoot-in behind her.


2 responses to “American Idol Finalists: A very very brief recap

  1. My thoughts exactly. 🙂


  2. Hahaha. You crack me up with these AI posts. I agree with you on all points. David A. has an incredible voice.. especially for being just 17! But he kinda gives me the heebie jeebies. David Cook all the WAY!


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