I can cook!!

I can’t believe it, I actually cooked a meal tonight that I really really loved!  I’m not a horrible cook or anything, and I usually enjoy our meals on most nights.  But rarely do I just think with every bite that I take how amazing the food is and how I can’t wait to cook it again soon!  So, being the nice person that I am, I thought I’d pass along this little recipe to you. 

It all started on Monday at the grocery store when I thought I’d like to branch-out a bit on the kind of vegetables I buy.  So I went for some greens.  Mustard and collard, to be exact.  This recipe involved the mustard greens (at least I think so, I had them both in the same bag, so I kinda just guessed which one was which!  I’m sure it wouldn’t matter much anyway).  Because I have no idea how to cook fresh mustard greens, I headed over to my best friend www.AllRecipes.com,  (I really hope you have visited this site, it’s amazing) where I found this

Now let me first warn you that I am Queen of Substitutions when I cook.  I only used a few of the actual ingredients this recipe calls for, the rest I substituted.  I definitely went the cheap and easy way with this based-on what I already had in my pantry, but it turned-out great, so I can only imagine how much better it would be if I actually made it the way I’m supposed to!

Curried Mustard Greens with Beans

First, I made some Basmati rice to serve it over.

Second, I cut-up an onion and sauteed it in olive oil.  To that I added a can of stewed tomatoes (would be better with tomato sauce) and a can of Northern beans. 

To that I added some curry powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, pepper, and hot sauce. 

Meanwhile, water was boiling for my mustard greens.  I rinsed them off, chopped them in large chunks, and then threw them in a pot of boiling water for about 5-7 minutes.  Drained, and put them back in the pot. 

Then I mixed my onion/tomato/bean mixture with the greens.  Added some milk.  Stirred it up real good.  Served it over rice.

(I never measure anything, I just eyeball all my spices and milk)

It doesn’t really sound that great, but it WAS!  It had kind of an Indian flavor with the curry and the ginger.  I can’t wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow for lunch!  Someone else please try this recipe so you can tell me if you love it as much!  (you can do the real recipe or my own ghetto version!)


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