Baby Fever

You know you’re getting it when you start tearing-up just listening to a woman on tv talk about how special it is to bring her newborn home from the hospital.  Ok, I admit it.  I was watching A Baby Story.  There’s another sign–You know you’re getting baby fever when A Baby Story suddenly becomes interesting to you again. 

You know you’ve already forgotten the pain of childbirth when you cry at any and every tv birth you see. 

You know you’re getting baby fever when you look at old pictures of your 16 month-old when she was 6 months and you can’t wait to have another little chubby baby to drive you crazy.  Oh yeah, and you forget how all you did at that stage in her life was sit on the floor with her playing in-between your legs because if you sat one foot away or even–heaven forbid–went to the kitchen for a drink, she’d burst into tears at the thought of you not touching her. 

You know baby fever is very contagious when your husband says, “I really can’t wait to have another cute little baby!”  You know it’s really hit when you hear him say, “I’d love to have another girl next because girls are so sweet.” and you know it’s just because he loves the 16 month-old so much. 

You know you have baby fever when you try to have sex all the time so you can MAKE A BABY!  (no announcement, give us a dang few months, people!  I can’t work under such pressure!) 


3 responses to “Baby Fever

  1. wow. you have it so bad, you are contagious!


  2. Yep, you have it baaaaaaaaaad. I can’t wait!


  3. Ha! That is so true about Baby Story. I loved that show before and during each one of my pregnancies but lost all interest immediately after I had them. Too funny. Oh, and if you want a cure for that fever you are welcome to come visit anytime. 🙂 Just kidding! You know how crazy my house is and I still get the fever sometimes.


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