American Idol Finalists: My take on Broadway night


I haven’t really made my feelings about American Idol public yet, but I suppose with six contestants left, now is the time.  I love it.  I always have loved it, I always will.  Even when it’s ridiculous and people who shouldn’t be there don’t get kicked-off and awesome people don’t stay… it’s a fixture in my life.  I can’t deny it.

I was so excited to hear that tonight was all about Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, that’s such a classy step up for the show.  I’m not gonna get into all the ins and outs of everything, but here is my brief assessment of the performances:

Syesha– I loved it!  It was pitchy in places, and let’s not forget this was the second time she’s utilized the ol’ getting on top of the piano scenario….but I thought it was one of her best performances and she did great.

Jason– Dude.  It sucked.  It’s a big song and he has a small voice.  Clay liked it ok, but I had a hard time listening to it without cringing.

Brooke– Eh.  Not great.  I felt so bad for her when she forgot the words, we’ve all done that at some point.  She definitely lost the magic after that.  But she’s also one with a rather small voice, and I don’t think it could handle Broadway, even that song.

David Archuletta– As expected, fabulous.  I liked that he switched it up a bit.  But, as Simon is fond of saying, so what.  I just can’t get myself to care about him.  He needs to sign a deal with Disney and be the next Hannah Montana and get off American Idol.

Carly– I loved it!  Not my favorite song in the world, but she totally rocked it.

David Cook– Oh, he is definitely my favorite by a longshot!  I loved what he did with the song tonight, as always it was innovative and vocally spot-on.  The high notes, especially the one at the end, were incredible.  He can sing anything, and tonight proves it. 

Ryan Seacrest– Oh yes, let’s not forget his tiny serenade at the end of the show!  Seriously, what WAS that?!!!!  hahaha!!! 



One response to “American Idol Finalists: My take on Broadway night

  1. Hey Emmy! Ok, so after last night’s show, I figured I should comment on your blog. First, I completely agree with your assessment from Tuesday night. I totally heart “the Davids” and I thought Syesha and Carly were BY FAR the best female vocalists for ALW night. I was completely shocked and angry that Carly was voted off last night! She was the only female singer who had a remote chance of making it to the finale. Brooke is horrible and just plain annoys me. And Syesha is great sometimes, but I don’t think she’ll make it much further. Ok, don’t even get me started on Jason. The guy needs to cut it out with the stool-sitting, soft singing, shaky, awkward, dreadlocky performances!!! So…I am hoping for the Davids to go all the way to the final two!


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