Can I bubble-wrap this kid?

Evelyne has finally entered the toddler world of bumps and bruises.  I don’t like it. 

Last night we were at friend’s house and I wasn’t paying close enough attention and she fell down the stairs.  Yes, that’s what I said, fell down the stairs, not just a small step or two. Thankfully, someone jumped-up and caught her halfway down before she hit anything.  She was ok, but Clay and I were majorly shaken.

Tonight she fell down and scraped her knee…like bloody scrape, not just a little skinned.  This on the same knee that just healed the other day from another scrape.  About an hour later, she ran headfirst into the corner of a wall.  She has a big purple bump on her forehead. 

I really don’t like seeing my child’s blood, and I know this is just a normal part of being a kid, but is there some way I can wrap her in a protective covering that will make her kinda bounce-off surfaces instead of getting bruised and bloody?  Someone please invent this for me. 


2 responses to “Can I bubble-wrap this kid?

  1. Oh wow. I’d like to do the same thing. My son also fell down a flight of stairs at our house.

    It was terrifying. The worst part was he was about to go to sleep when it happened so I couldn’t tell if he was tired from a concussion or because it was simply time to go to bed. He turned out to be fine but it was the most terrifying thing ever!


  2. it’s scary i know! russ always says, “babies bounce” but i’m not too sure. i fell down the stairs with sarah jane tangled in my legs but we survived. you will get used to the bruises. sarah jane now climbs on the playground outside and her legs look like i beat her. bethany’s legs are about the same. but it is awful to have their precious baby skin marred. thankfully, Sam is still intact. but not for long if sarah jane has anything to do with it!


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