Object Permanence?

So lately Evelyne has this funny thing she does.  When we take a little too long to get her out of bed in the morning or after a nap, she throws things overboard.  She sleeps with probably about 8 different stuffed animals and loveys (don’t talk to me about SIDS, she’s FINE), mainly because we just don’t have anywhere else to put them.  (Of course the only ones she really cares about are Mercy and her cabbage patch kid “Baby”)  So lately when we go in to get her, we look down and every single thing that was in her crib is on the floor.  And she’s very distraught about it and looks at us like, “FIX IT!” while she says, “beh-bee! beh-bee!” (her French-sounding version of “baby”)  In fact, as I write, she is dropping things in a tiny crevice behind the tv.  Once it’s all gone where she can’t reach, she frets until I pick it up for for her.  Then she does it again.  Maybe she’s learning object permanence?  Maybe she likes watching things drop from her hand?  Who knows, it is funny, though! 


7 responses to “Object Permanence?

  1. beth used to do the same thing. sadly, sarah jane wasn’t in the crib long enough (b/c of Sam’s impending arrival) to discover the joy of overboard toys and loveys. enjoy it- hopefully she won’t discover that mercy can go overboard in the middle of the night and mama will come retrieve her- HOLD YOUR GROUND, MAMA!


  2. My kids have both done this, but my son is worse. He has a puppy that he sleeps with and he loves, but most days it ends up outside the playpen on the floor. However, I don’t mind this as much as what my daughter used to do to her brother. When I first moved him into her room and moved her into a bed, she felt it was a good idea to provide her nine month old little brother with basically all the toys in their room (which was far too many anyway). I was dozing one morning and trying to ignore the noise coming from their room, w hich included crying jags from my son. When I finally went in, I understood why he had been crying off and on. I think he was still trying to sleep but his sister had decided to help him out – the playpen was nearly completely full of toys, most of which were directly on top of him. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.


  3. hahaha, that’s hilarious!!! I could totally see Evelyne doing that!!!! What I forgot to mention is that lately she also likes to throw them on the side between the crib and the wall. The other day I went in there and there were about four stuffed animals wedged so low I couldn’t even reach them, I had to get on the floor underneath the crib and get them! I just have to shake my head and laugh, it’s too funny. =)


  4. Emily, I loved the story, but the picture just made it priceless!


  5. I love your blog! When do you guys officially move?? – I don’t think I read that far yet. And congrats on the 2nd prengancy! Much love!


  6. Courtney- We’re moving probably the 1st or 2nd week in July.. not sure of all the details yet. Oh, and I’m not pregnant again yet! =) Hopefully sometime in the near future, though!


  7. Gotcha – I misread that in one of your posts. Good luck with the move – we’re hoping to head back to MS sometime this summer. I’m excited, but it’s almost too much to think about right now!


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