Free money! Free money!

So, I’m really not making this up.  Revolution Money Exchange is running a promotion until April 15th where they give you $25 just for opening an account. No purchase necessary.  This is a service similar to PayPal where you can transfer money from your bank account to pay for internet purchases or give money to friends’ accounts.  It’s totally legit.  I don’t normally do things like this, but I read about it on MoneySavingMom, read through all the comments of people who did it and researched it, and right now I have $25 sitting in my account.  If you are hesitant, I suggest reading through the comments section on the MSM page and see all the people that this has worked for.  One commenter researched the parent company and said it’s First Bank & Trust of Brookings, SD. FDIC insured and has 8 branches.  It’s real. 

They also have a referral program.  If you link to them right here Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange then I will receive $10.  For every referral YOU find, you can also get $10.  Seriously, I could feed our family for a week on $25, this is worth the 5 minutes it takes to sign-up. 

This is only until April 15th, let’s get to work!!!  FREE MONEY!  FREE MONEY! 


2 responses to “Free money! Free money!

  1. haha. Pays to be a subscriber to your blog! I just made you $10 (me hopes).


  2. Thanks!!! I hope you get some referrals, too! I saw on your post that you said it may last until May 15th, that would be great! Enjoy your night-out, I’m gonna get a haircut! =)


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