The wasps, the wasps! They’re coming to get me!

Sooo, let’s just say I don’t like bugs or spiders or anything creepy-crawly.  That would be putting it mildly.  Clay will tell you that I tend to completely freak-out when there is any kind of bug in my vicinity.  I have gotten better, I will now actually kill a spider by myself, but it also requires that it be around the size of a pencil eraser for me to get near it.

We have wasps, our apartment complex that is.  Last summer the wasps built a nest on our balcony and somehow, through a crack in the wall outside, a few of them made their way into our apartment!  One afternoon I glanced over at 5 month-old Evelyne laying on her playmat next to the window and saw a wasp buzzing above her head!  Well yeah, I completely lost it.  I grabbed her and fled into our bedroom, locked myself in there, and called Clay.  Thankfully it was late afternoon, so I only had to stay in there about an hour or so until he came home to kill it.  This happened a few times until the maintenance men finally fixed the hole and sprayed the balcony.  I was scared of my own living room, paranoid that I was constantly seeing them in my peripheral vision, afraid they would sting me in my sleep.  I still occasionally see them buzzing out there, taunting me, flexing their stingers in my direction as if to say, “I’m small, but I hold great power over you, silly human.”

Well, it’s Spring, and they’re back.  Thankfully they’re not on our balconey, at least not building a nest, but they’re everywhere outside.  I took Ev for a walk yesterday and countless wasps buzzed past my ears and the corner of my eye.  When they do this, I get full-body chills and start mildly hyperventilating.  Seriously, I am scared to death of them!  When I walk to my car in the parking lot, I have to walk through bushes that inevitably have wasps buzzing around them.  Every venture outside is fraught with danger.  How will I deal with this?  I was afraid I was going to have nightmares about them last night because I get so scared even thinking about them! 

Does anyone have any sage advice about how to deal with wasps invading your world? 


2 responses to “The wasps, the wasps! They’re coming to get me!

  1. you are hilarious, and i love the graphic! i share your fear. starting last summer, some wasps built a nest somewhere in outside my parents’ fireplace. somehow they kept getting inside. they sneak in so quietly, you don’t even notice until they’re right there beside you! ugh! gives me the chills too!! good luck avoiding them!!


  2. I know what you mean! I’ve had multiple apartments that wasps have gotten into and they scare the ^(&% out of me since they are inevitably large, red, and headed straight for my head.

    I wrote on my own blog recently about trying to keep them away (that’s how I found yours, this post was linked at the bottom): Another thing that I didn’t mention on my blog and haven’t tried yet myself is that supposedly you can hang a puffed-up small paper bag (like the ones kids carry their lunch to school in) in areas where they seem to like to nest and they will avoid it because it looks to them like there is already a nest there. But you probably don’t have to worry about them on your balcony this year since everything I’ve read says they won’t nest in the same place two years in a row.

    Good luck!


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