My Kroger Savings

So, in follow-up to my post about how I save money at the grocery store I thought I’d put a little info. about what I’ve saved lately and let you in on the greatest sale EVER that’s going-on right now at Kroger. 

Right now Kroger is having a Mega-sale where you buy 10 items (ten of MANY preselected things) and you get $5 back.  Depending on what you buy, this could turn-out wonderfully. MoneySavingMom has more information and lists of things that are on sale, so rather than repeat the work she has already done, I suggest you check it out for yourself.  Basically, what happens is that there are tons of items that after the discount, end-up being 50 cents, $1, $1.50, and $2.00.  Now, if you have coupons for those items, then you’re really lucky!  There are a LOT of coupons out there for these items that make them free or nearly free.(especially in the past few weeks of the newspaper inserts, although you can find lots on the Internet.)  I suggest deciding what you want to buy and then checking-out HotCouponWorld’s coupon database and find-out where the coupons are.  Now would also be a great time to sign-up for The Grocery Game’s free trial if you have a Kroger in your area.  I can’t even tell you how many Pillsbury crescent rolls, Grand’s rolls, pizza dough, and cinnamon rolls I have in my fridge right now that I got for free!  The free items make the more expensive items even out a bit when the $5 comes off the total. 

This was my shopping trip last week:

Original Total: $84.77

Kroger sales savings:$31.42

Coupon savings:$29.10

Price I paid: $24.25

I saved $60.52!!!!

Here’s my Kroger trip yesterday:

Original Price: $76.10

Coupon Savings: $21.05

Kroger Sales Savings:$26.11

I paid: $29.54

I saved $47.16!!!!!!! 

These totals also included things like milk and bananas that weren’t on sale, as well as sale items like pizza and ice cream that normally cost more.  This sale will be going-on for another week, until April 15th.  Check-out your weekly flier or to see what’s on sale, make sure you go to MoneySavingMom to plan-out how much it’ll cost, print or cut coupons, and this would be an EASY way to get started with sales/coupon shopping.  Have fun!


9 responses to “My Kroger Savings

  1. Emily, you greatly inspire me to shop smarter!


  2. i’m getting inspired, too. however, i need to know if this works on healthy items. Not just prepackaged type things. I mean, of course I love cereal and pizza and ice cream. Can i eat like that any more? no. do i have any self control if it’s around? no. so i need answers–do i save money or my figure?


  3. While there ARE a lot of cheap packaged food, there’s definitely healthy food on the cheap! I got a bagged salad for about 50 cents, I stock-up on frozen veggies when they’re $1 or under per lb., I got cheap healthy yogurt yesterday… I did get a bunch of goldfish and cheez-its for quick afternoon snacks for Ev and me since I got them for so cheap, but I normally don’t buy Pillsbury rolls and stuff like that…we’ll eat something packaged a few times a week, usually just a side item, but normally it’s just whole ingredients. (I do use “cream of…” soups a lot, though) The beauty about it is that you only buy what YOU will eat. Do the Grocery Game free trial for a month, only buy the items you know you’ll eat, and see if it works for you. Even if you just start following sales and stocking-up you’ll save money, and coupons are out there for almost every item you’ll ever buy at a regular store.


  4. elizabeth cameron

    i’m in the same boat as marjo. most of my items are purchased from the produce dept. or canned and frozen food. i have a hard time when i look through the coupons because it’s all stuff that we don’t eat. i disparately need to save money because grocery’s take a huge chunk out of our budget..i just don’t know how to be “thrifty” grocery shopper.


  5. elizabeth cameron

    i meant to say desperately


  6. May I highly suggest Aldi? =) They definitely don’t have the hugest variety around, but they’re cheap. Their frozen veggies are under a dollar, their canned stuff is super-cheap. I know y’all are fasting a lot, but surely you eat meat sometimes, right? If you follow the meat sales and then put it in the freezer for when you need it (and ALL meat goes on sale, I just usually buy ground beef and chicken), you’ll usually save about 50% and won’t have to buy it at full-price again. There’s a lot of stuff you can buy on sale and then freeze. This Kroger sale going-on right now has cheese for super-cheap. Check-out MoneySavingMom because she has $40/week meal plans that she uses and they’re really healthy, you can find that on her website and links to other similar stuff. Coupons won’t work if they’re not for food you want, so I would say just follow the sales and stock-up. But don’t forget about coupons for toothbrushes, toothpaste, deoderant, make-up, shampoo, body wash, razors, vitamins, paper towels, toilet paper, etc…. Even if you just do that, you’ll save a ton of money.


  7. Oh, and if you don’t like Aldi produce but you do like their prices, you can take their flier into Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart will match any competitor’s prices, so for things like produce, you can get Aldi’s sales price of 4 lbs. of orange for 99 cents at Wal-Mart where the quality might be higher.


  8. i love that you responded to your own post 4 times. that’s awesome. Thanks for all the tips…I’m thinking some of this may have to wait until i’m not an 8 to 5 girl, b/c at the end of the day all i want to do is go home. Billy does all the grocery shopping and for now–it’s worth every penny lost!!


  9. This week at kroger Chaquita Bites are on sale for $1, there are printables out there for them (see HCW database) also there are peelies on them for with 4 printables and 4 peelies = 8 for FREE!!


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