Lots of pee-pee

So, we’re not even thinking about potty-training yet, and I’m already cleaning-up pee. 

Evelyne pooped in her diaper about thirty minutes before her bath tonight (as usual), and I always hate to waste a diaper just for 30 minutes, so I let her run around naked.  A few minutes later, she peed just a tiny bit on the carpet, and I, ever aware of teaching her bodily functions in preparation for future potty-training, pointed to it and said, “tee-tee, Evelyne!”  As I went to get something to dab it up, she ran squealing in laughter and saying “tee-tee!!!!” toward the front door.  (I think she thought we were playing chase, she likes to run to the door when I’m chasing her)  Where she apparently peed again.  Because I turned around and saw her slipping and sliding in a puddle on the stone floor!  I fetched something to wipe the floor, I wiped her off with a babywipe and sent her off to play.  Not more than one minute later she runs giggling back to the door and pees again!  A massive quantity!  She was seriously sliding all over the floor, trying to stand, hands and feet and bottom and legs covered in her own pee.  Somehow she even managed to SPLASH some of it on the wall!  The whole time saying “tee-tee!!!” 


2 responses to “Lots of pee-pee

  1. Ok, next time unless you’re going to start EC-ing, you better put on a diaper!


  2. i love it! it won’t be the first time- wait until she can remove said diaper and put it in the trash herself. yes, i know i should be potty training her if she’s doing this, but i’m not ready!!


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