I like Tuesdays

Tuesdays are good.  Tuesdays are when we have playgroup with several of my friends and their kids, and it’s just such a relief to have a fun place to go and get out of the house!  Ev loves playing with other kids’ toys, I get to chat, it’s great.  (now that her morning nap is gone, most mornings are loooong!)  Today we went to the park, and it was Evelyne’s first time to really run around and enjoy it.  It was so cute to watch her climbing the little stairs and going-down the slide!  I swear, when did she become like a child?

I’ve been looking online at condo listings in Kirkland, WA, where we’re moving come July.  It’s still early, so I can’t really reserve anything, but it makes me nervous to wait until June to find a place to live.  I am excited that from what I hear, we could live somewhere within walking distance to parks and shopping, and that would just make my life. 

I’m about to do my weekly coupon clipping for my Kroger run this afternoon.  They’re having this huge sale going right now, I think I’m gonna post about it later.  I got $85 of groceries last week for $25!!!!  I’m so thrilled with myself it’s not even funny. 

Oh, and let’s not talk about the Memphis basketball game last night.  I’m not even really a sports fan and I did cry a few tears at the end. 

Good morning at the park, Evelyne’s napping, I’m coupon clipping, gonna get more cheap groceries this afternoon…  good Tuesday. 


3 responses to “I like Tuesdays

  1. last night was horrible. i just watched the tigers land and give little speeches. more tears. as billy said, it’s another “almost” for memphis. sigh. but what a fun run. I now know all the words of the fight song by heart. ask me. I’ll sing them for you.
    go tigers go.


  2. ok I need to know how you are saving so much money at the grocery store! As you know it would be a huge help around here 🙂



  3. You read my mind! I’m planning to post on that tonight or tomorrow! In the meantime, check-out MoneySavingMom on my blogroll, I get a ton of my deals from her blog.


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