A short break

This morning should be good.  I’ll be interacting in an adult world without a fussy child clinging to my pantsleg.  Every other Friday I volutneer at a local crisis pregnancy clinic, making phone calls and counseling women who find themselves with a potential unplanned pregnancy.  I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, and I really enjoy it.  It’s also nice to get away sometimes!

We’re in the middle of transitioning Evelyne from two naps to one.  Or rather, I should say Evelyne is transitioning us, I am NOT ready for just one nap! Some days go well, she’ll sleep almost two hours in the afternoon.  Lately it’s been closer to one.  ONE hour.  That means I’m entertaining her for the other ELEVEN she’s awake during the day!  Of course, this one hour, repeat, ONE hour doesn’t get her fully rested, so she’s ususally somewhat of a disaster by the late afternoon… crying at the drop of a hat, doing this weird hyperventilating-sounding thing she does when she wants something, pawing at me and trying to crawl on top of me, etc, etc, etc…. 

Yesterday was a loooooong afternoon since she took an hour and a half nap in the morning….  she put her head on my shoulder when we were telling Clay good-bye for work and didn’t lift it up!  (WEIRD for Evelyne!)  She’d only been awake for about an hour, so I was like, “uhhhh, I know, let’s take a NAP!”  She fell right asleep and slept until 10.  I figure, hey, she’s got NINE more hours until bedtime, surely we can squeeze-out another nap this afternoon.  Not so much.  She spent about an hour in her bed, rolling around trying to sleep and fussing, and then I just got her up.  So she was awake from 10 a.m. until bedtime at 7 p.m. 

 Thankfully, her cousin came over to play, and that offered some distraction from our situation.  At one point she was fussing so much, I didn’t know what to do, so I just took her clothes-off.  Running around in a diaper, she immediately became happy!  Then she got even fussier…so I took her diaper off.  She peed on the floor twice, but she was happy!  (there’s something so cute that I love about a little naked girl running around!) 

So heavens to betsy, I’m looking foward to a morning off.  And Clay gets off work early today!!!  He’ll be home this afternoon!!!!!  What, oh WHAT will I do with the gloriousness of it all?!  Probably fall in the bed, under the covers with a beatific smile on my face while I listen to Evelyne fuss at Clay in the other room and I read a BOOK! Love it. 


2 responses to “A short break

  1. breaks are good. (not that i have experience with breaks as of right now- i guess holding one kid while the other two watch backyardagains is a break. just keep being consistent with the nap thing- one nap is good if it’s a long one- other than that, no. the more naps the better that way! you’re doing such a great job as a mommy- thanks for the encouragement on my blog- i needed it.


  2. i am laughing so hard at the thought of evelyne running around naked and peeing on the carpet!!! i am NOT laughing at one measley nap though…that part is something i am NOT ready for. hang in there, my dear. the weekend is here!


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