My favorite clicks

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, to give a list of my favorite blogs and a short description for some of the links on my blogroll.  Some of these I spend more time on than others, but all in all, they’re good sites to check-out.  They don’t all fit perfectly under the headers I’ve given, most of them cross several categories, but I tried to pick the main themes. (Oh, and obviously I don’t endorse every little piece of their content, I just enjoy reading, laughing, and learning from some of them.)

Parenting and Family—  This girl is freaking hilarious!  This is one of my first clicks in the Google Reader when she updates.  She is Heather Armstrong, one of the most popular bloggers on the Internet, and she happens to also be from Bartlett, TN!  She blogs about parenting, family, and random hilarious things.  She also has impeccable taste and great photography.–  Similar style as Dooce, totally hilarious.– One of my long-time favorites, Moxie answers reader’s questions about parenting young children.  Great discussion happens in the comments section as she invites readers to give their own experience and advice.  She’s very thoughtful, gracious, and generous.– New discovery of mine, she appears to be a Christian mom with a huge blog following.  Pretty funny stuff.–  I’ve been reading Chewymom for awhile.   She’s a down-to-earth mom in Alabama who writes about parenting with some spirituality thrown in there as well.  She’s funny and honest and someone I wish I were friends with.– This is a blog run by, and it has multiple writers contributing.  Topics are anything related to parenting and family and range from thoughtful to practical to hilarious.– This is a blog written by a dad about his family life, and it’s pretty darn funny.  I laugh outloud regularly.– This is just genius.  It’s a blog that publishes reader’s parenting tips.  Everything from how to make a diaper change easier to how to keep mittens on tiny hands.  Content is mainly by readers, and it’s a wealth of “works for me” information.–  I’m not Mormon, but the ladies who contribute to this blog are super funny!  They mainly write about random amusing things about being a mom, and I definitely laugh outloud!

Spirituality–  I’ve already blogged in reference to iMonk’s posts a few time, so you know I’m a faithful reader. Michael Spencer is a campus minister in Kentucky who blogs about his post-evangelical spiritual reflections.  His theology and experience is eclectic and ecumenical, and surprisingly, I almost always agree with everything he says.  He tends to write everything I wish I could in a better way than I ever will.– Jonalyn is a friend from seminary and author of Ruby Slippers: How the Soul of a Women Leads Her Home.  She writes about femininity, spirituality, and the soul.  She’s a philosopher and popular speaker and wise beyond her years.  She always leaves me thinking and digging deeper.– Another relatively new discovery.  Eugene Cho is pastor of Quest, a church in Seattle that we’re interested in visiting when we move.– Bob Hyatt is a pastor at Evergreen Community in Portland.  I kinda wish we were moving to Portland just so we could go to church here.  It’s one of the clearest representations of everything I think the chuch should be.– This is a community of women who are involved in the Emerging Church discussing their experiences, theology, and spirituality.–  Spiritual reflections with a dash of parenting anecdotes, MongooseMom is an honest deep-thinking blogger, and I love reading her thoughts.

My Friends– This is my darling husband Clay’s new blog.  He’s not really a great updater, but he is my husband, so I will hang on his every word.–  This is my friend Courtney’s blog which chronicles her journey over the past year as a mother.  Beautiful photography of her little MCM, spiritual reflections, and great thinking that usually has me saying, “Oh yeah, me, too!”– My dear friend Laura’s blog about her sweet kids and adventures as a homeschooling mom.  This girl definitely has a full life and I love to hear her blog about it!

Personal Finance– This mom blogs about the best sales and coupon deals at major grocery and discount stores.  Thanks to her, I’ve gotten lots of free stuff and saved tons of money!– A blog about how to orient your personal finances toward success and wealth.  Practical tips, book reviews, and frugal concepts.

There ya go, some of my favorite blogs, that should keep you busy for awhile! 


6 responses to “My favorite clicks

  1. Wow, thanks Emily, for including me! I’m going to check out some of these other blogs you mentioned, especially the funny ones. I can use a bit more laughter! Hugs to ya!


  2. I feel special!!


  3. thanks for the encouragement. i’m going to check out some more of these sites in my free time (2am, etc.) ha!


  4. Thanks for the Momfo love! What a great blogroll — I’ll be whiling away some time checking these out after the kidlets are snoozing!


  5. Hi, thanks for mentioning MOMformation, where I blog. Loved your list of favorite parenting blogs and your blog in general. Take care, Kristina


  6. Hey girl. I love Laura’s blog and we also love The Simple Dollar. That guy has a lot of good stuff on there usually. Don’t agree with all of it, but it’s still good! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to look at the other blogs.


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