Tonight at dinnertime

I’m in the kitchen making dinner.

Evelyne is in the other room eating in the highchair and Clay is sitting with her. 

I hear, Clay say, “buutt….buuuttt…Evelyne, say ‘butt’!”


I’m all, “Clay, are you teaching her to say ‘butt?’!” 

“Yes,” he says.  “I thought it would be funny!” 

So please don’t be surprised if all sorts of inappropriate language and expletives start flying-out of my sweet 1-year old’s mouth….apparently her father thinks it would be funny if she started using more adult language.

Oh, and this picture isn’t from tonight, it’s from last weekend when we ate dinner with Clay’s family…but it is cute and took place during dinnertime.

 untitled-1.jpg picture by EmmyMC98


2 responses to “Tonight at dinnertime

  1. HA! that’s hilarious! love the pics of ev!



  2. Wow….Frank says that’s the kind of dad he’s going to be too. He thought it was hillarous. I would totally be washing his mouth out with soap!! =)


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