Some pictures

For your viewing pleasure.

CIMG3468.jpg picture by EmmyMC98

CIMG3471.jpg picture by EmmyMC98

CIMG3469.jpg picture by EmmyMC98


3 responses to “Some pictures

  1. Evy looks just like you, Emily….but then I see Clay, too! She looks like a 2 year old—not a baby anymore :(. My how times flies by! Next thing you know we’ll be taking them to kindergarten, then prom, then college…okay now I’m going to cry!


  2. Hey! I just discovered your blog!! and I am sitting here wondering– when did Ev grow up???? She looks like a toddler and not a baby anymore 😦 But she is still gorgeous.. I gotta get some shots of her before yall move across the world and she REALLY grows up!


  3. I know. I KNOW! She looks so old now! Ashleigh, don’t worry, we’re gonna snag you for another session before we leave! I wouldn’t leave without it! (we’re moving in July, so I might call you for sometime in June)


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