Kiss me, I floss!

CIMG3483.jpg picture by EmmyMC98

Let me share a product that has revolutionized my oral health.  These little flossing picks make flossing ten times easier for me, and that means I actually DO it!  Gone are the days of twirling floss around your fingers and cutting-off circulation, gone is the frustration when the floss slips-off your fingers after two teeth and you have to re-twirl.  Gone are the arm acrobatics of trying to reach the back teeth.

These little miracles have the floss strung tight enough to easily reach between your teeth and loose enough to reach around each tooth like it’s supposd to.  They’re also shaped so that you can easily reach every tooth crevice in your mouth quickly and easily.  There’s also a handy-dandy toothpick on the end for those stubborn chunks. 

I ain’t gonna lie and say that I floss every single day, but my frequency has definitely jumped from zero times a week to several now that it’s not a pain in the butt anymore.  (and motivated by major blood loss at my last dental appointment) Seriously, try these, they will change. your. life. 


3 responses to “Kiss me, I floss!

  1. I am a MAJOR flosser, but for some reason, I prefer the old fashioned stuff. My mom has tried to get me to use those newfangled things too, so maybe I’ll give them another try. I love oral health. Seriously, I got a new retainer this week, and I am SO excited about it! Nerd alert.


  2. As a dentist (and probably an every-other-day flosser) I commend you!…my wife uses the same product and she loves them too…if I could just get her to hit the garbage can with them when she’s done…


  3. I’m so glad to know that they’re officially endorsed by the dental profession! One of the best inventions ever.


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