March Madness

I just wanted to say that I won 24 games on the first round of my bracket….and the only logic I used in picking was the following:1. Does the name sound really familiar?  That probably means that I’ve heard people talking about them because they’re good.  So I’ll pick them.2. Do I like the way the name sounds? I really like the name Gonzaga… it just sounds cool.  AND I’ve heard their name a lot, so they’re a definite pick for me.   (even though apparently that wasn’t a wise pick since they lost!)3. What’s their seed number?  I usually just pick the higher seed team….last year Clay got mad at me because I had zero upsets.  I did pretty much the same thing this year with a couple upsets.A pretty unscientific method, but I’m already doing pretty well in the Jones family bracket competition. (Better than Clay anyway, who analyzes every team record and player)  I doubt my streak will last, but I’m pretty happy with my method!  Oh, and Memphis is gonna win it all, of COURSE!If you don’t research every little thing, how do you pick your bracket? 


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