CIMG3438.jpg picture by EmmyMC98

Meet Mercy. This is Evelyne’s favorite sleep buddy that Clay affectionately named before she was born because she has such a schweet face.  Kindly take notice of the ears.  Her tail, though you can’t see it, is the same color.  This deformity is due to my child’s saliva.  Evelyne sucks and chews-on Mercy all day and all night long.  Mercy is always in her arms throughout the night and never far from her while she plays. 

The ears used to be more of a black color, but a good washing faded them to a nice brown.  After awhile, she also starts to stink, and when we get Evelyne in the morning from her crib, we can smell her Mercy-breath.  Needless to say, I try to stay on-top of washing Mercy regularly, but never will she go back to the pristine whiteness of her youth before Evelyne fell in love.  But a much-loved animal is she, and I admit, her longsuffering has gained some affection from me as well. 

Here is a picture of Evelyne when she was about six-months old, as I found her asleep in her crib.

CIMG2540.jpg picture by EmmyMC98


2 responses to “Mercy

  1. Ok–it’s official. There is now a measurement of time called “Blogs per minute” and Emily Lauren Taylor Jones holds the world record thus far. i mean SERIOUSLY, Em. I’m with Clay, you “having nothing to write about” could be the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while. I am very glad to be able to check your blog as often as I like and be pretty sure I’ll have new material to peruse.


  2. that is awesome. i used to do the same thing to my blankie when i was little. i wish mcm would love something until it turned brown!


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