Cereal, anyone?

So, we don’t really have money.  And we try not to spend all of what we have.  Let’s be honest here, we’re cheap.  I prefer the word frugal.  A few months back I got into using coupons for my groceries pretty regularly, and I have saved buckoos of money!  I subscribe to The Grocery Game which pretty much tells me exactly what to do and what to buy, and that has been very helpful. 

Well, thanks to Kroger and MoneySavingMom , I came across a GREAT deal for cereal today!  So, I went all-out.  I came home tonight with 12 boxes of cereal and 9 boxes of granola bars.  In addition to the 2 FREE boxes of cereal I got last week and what we already have, I think we’re set for awhile.  I did get each box for around 50 cents each, so I think it’s a pretty good deal.  And believe me when I say we WILL pack those cereal boxes on a moving truck if we haven’t eaten them all come July!  Like I said….cheap. 

Don’t be jealous of my linoleum floors!



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