My girl


   This is Evelyne. (no, it’s not a family name, we. just. liked. it.)   She’s 15 months-old, and a hilarious little handful.  Gosh, how do you even begin to describe a whole person, especially your child that you spend every day with?  She’s very quick to laugh, loves to be held and rocked, loves wandering around playing with odd things she finds around the house.  She’ll go to town with a miniature shampoo bottle, empty iced tea pitcher, unused diaper, dvd case, and photos of other babies. (her toybox is the eventual destination of all those birth announcements and Christmas cards we receive in the mail!)  Why do we even have toys?  She does love her baby Cabbage Patch doll, walks affectionately around yelling “baaaaaby!”  

  Evelyne is also a noise-maker…weird noises.  Odd fake cough-like noises that she started when she was about 5 months old and never grew out of (probably because we keep laughing at it!)… if you heard her in the grocery store, you’d probably turn around and be really confused.  But not for long, because if she SAW you in the grocery store, she would throw up her hand and wave and say “hi! hi! hi!” until you said “hi” back to her….thirty times in a row.  Until you went to another aisle.  Across the store.  Until you do that, she will continue to say “hi! hi! hi!” to you for as long as it continues makes her world go ’round.  (a little awkward for me, sometimes, when I have to glance-up, casually say “helloooo” and pretend like I’m not anti-social by comparison)

  So, those are some funny things about Evelyne….  she also has a dark side.  And when I say dark, I really just mean high-maintenance.  (“wonder where she got that from”, I hear every day from Clay!)  The girl isn’t a sleeper.  I’m still a little bitter about it, but I’m getting used to it.  At this point, she’s actually a great sleep-through-the-night-er, but naps are all over the place.  Some days she won’t sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time and I want to pull my hair OUT.  This isn’t for lack of trying almost any and every sleep “method,” I’m reconciled to the fact that it’s just her.  It’s just who she is, it’s how she’s been since she was 7 weeks old.  Not that that causes us any less annoyance, however. 

   Ev is just intense.  She’s a big ball of adorable, maddening, sweet and delicious craziness.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Here she is with her “earring”


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