Greetings, Internet

   Well, good afternoon.  I’ve been meaning to do this, start a blog, for quite awhile…. I just have that nagging worry that I won’t have anything to say!  What, oh what will I write about?  When I share this with Clay and friends, they laugh in my face.  Apparently it’s no secret that I have many a thought swirling around in my head….I tend to be pretty opinionated, let’s just say.  Not as in I’m gonna get in your face about it if we disagree, (although I’m sure I’ve unfortunately failed at that before) more like I have an opinion on almost everything.  Seriously.

   Marriage, parenting, eating, television, clothing, church, spirituality, etc….  Not that I have a correct opinion on any of those things, but in general I tend to think about things, research facts and other people’s opinions, and then form my own.  At the same time, I’m always curious and open to modifying and perfecting my opinions and beliefs.  I learn best by questioning and doubting what I’ve always thought, so sometimes my opinions end-up radically different from where I started, and sometimes I just come back around full-circle.  Nevertheless, the end result is the same–an opinion. 

   I’ve been doing a lot of reading around the ol’ blogosphere, taking-in and learning from the opinions of others, and I think I’m ready to start putting things out there…. putting my abstract concepts into words and inviting the commentary and opinions of others to sharpen mine.  I’ll try not to cry when you disagree with me. 



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